My name is Gulshan and i am the founder of the Singapore based Micro Brand, Spectre Time.

I have always been amazed of timepiece movement especially automatic movements. The miniature size of the clockwork from the gears to the escapement to the turning of the hands was something i found very fascinating. My first Automatic watch was an inexpensive chinese made and i took it apart to study how everything worked and what was in it. When i bought my first swiss made watch, i was totally blown away by the precision and quality of the entire watch. I found out why it was worth paying the premium price for such a watch.

It got me thinking and after a few years i told myself that i want to create my very own watch that had close to swiss standards but at a price not marked up by premium brands and i knew this was possible. I then started working on my watch which i envisioned. Before i knew it, the design was put into production and the response i received was outstanding. Heads were turning and people were asking me where i bought the watch from and how much it costs. I saw great potential and this made me start my very own micro brand.