Spectre Time is a homegrown microbrand based in Singapore and was founded in 2015 by a then, Flight Attendant and Watch Enthusiast.

It started when the founder, Gulshan, had an idea to make luxury style watches without compromising on quality. Creating and designing a watch from scratch with little to no watch making experience the first model, the Phantom, was a huge hit and a success. The watches produced have similarities to a few Swiss Brands but what makes them different is that they are not direct copies or replicas but well thought out designs for people who want something of a similar style without having to break the bank.

The Spectre Time brand brings stunning aesthetics and premium quality into the microbrand timepiece industry. What makes Spectre Time so different is that every timepiece that leaves the factory is tested and goes through a strict Quality Check procedure by Gulshan himself, a no nonsense watch enthusiast. Every wristwatch sold comes with a 2 year warranty and this is something most microbrands do not offer.

“There is stiff competition in the Microbrand Wristwatch Industry. I want to share what I create with others and I am proud to be on this journey.”
– Founder, Gulshan