Listed below are details regarding Shipping, Rates and Duties/VAT/GST.

We use our reliable shipping partner to handle our shipping needs. We offer tracking services for all deliveries. All products purchased are shipped within 48-hours after an order has been placed. All items are properly packaged so as to prevent or minimise damage while in transit. To minimise fraud, Spectre Time does not offer sales of products in certain countries. If you do not see your country listed during the checkout it means we do not provide our services to that country.

Shipping Timeline

Location Free Shipping UPS Saver DHL Express
Singapore 5 – 7 Business Days 5 – 7 Business Days 1 – 2 Business Days
Asia Pacific 5 – 7 Business Days 5 – 7 Business Days 2 – 2 Business Days
Europe 5 – 10 Business Days 5 – 8 Business Days 2 – 4 Business Days
USA 5 – 14 Business Days 5 – 10 Business Days 2 – 4 Business Days
United Kingdom 5 – 10 Business Days 5 – 7 Business Days 1 – 3 Business Days
Australia 5 – 10 Business Days 5 – 8 Business Days 1 – 3 Business Days
UAE 5 – 10 Business Days 6 – 8 Business Days 2 – 3 Business Days
Rest of World 7 – 14 Business Days 6 – 10 Business Days 3 – 5 Business Days

*Shipping rates are available on the cart and checkout page.


Delays by customs are not a reflection of Spectre Time and its terms of service as it has no control over it. If you are experiencing delays in receiving your order and if it has arrived in your country, please contact your local post office.

If you have not received your item after 30 business days have passed, please contact us using our contact form found here.

Customs, Import Duties/VAT/GST

Spectre Time is not responsible for any Duty/VAT/GST charges incurred in your country, which may vary according to each country’s legal and taxation structure. Spectre Time legally cannot pay for or compensate customers for their own country’s Duties or VAT or Taxes of any form. Upon making a purchase, you are acknowledging that you are aware of and intend to pay for your own Duties or VAT or Taxes on your purchase. For more information or to calculate your Duty/VAT/Taxes please visit this website:Tax Calculator.

Orders placed in Singapore are NOT subject to a 7% Goods and Service Tax(GST) but maybe subjected to other form of Taxes.

For further enquiries, please email us here.